Insulation provides energy savings to all fluid systems being either hot or cold, each system can be analysed to consider the optimum energy saving available or the minimum thickness of insulation to prevent ice formation. Many specifications are available to suit various operational temperatures. Thermal Design can provide full information and cost analysis for customers in order to achieve the maximum benefit for each system.


From both a practical and aesthetic point-of-view the chosen cladding for an insulation system is critical. Cladding provides a long life protection for the insulation, and requires highly qualified manufacturing and fitting to prevent moisture ingress into the insulation. In addition the cladding system remains on view to customers and customers' clients, and as such must present a high quality look, With this is mind, here at Thermal Design we havea fully operational and fully equipped sheet metal fabrication workshop, employing sheet metal work personnel, trained in the development and fabrication of any cladding material that may be required by customers.

Insulation Jackets.

Many fluid systems contain within the pipework or on the vessels operating fittings such as flanges, pumps and valves that require high levels of maintenance.

Thermal Design operates within its workshop, a manufacturing section that can produce insulation jackets to fit any shape or size of these fittings that can be easily removed and refitted by anyone.